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Healthy Training Resources

March 8, 2009


Hands down the best thing about the internet?  Accessing information!  There are a many great websites for helping you on your fitness journey, and below are just a couple of my recent favorites.

  • Veloroutes While not the best designed website, this is a great way to plan a cycling ride in advance.  It uses google maps and allows you to mark the path you plan to ride, and it calculates the distance, elevation gain, expected time at different mph averages, etc.   Here is the ride I will be doing later today: Tour de Cure 75km.  Another great way to use this site is to search for routes people have already created in your area.
  • Gmaps Pedometer and Map My Run Similar to the above cycling tool, these tools allow you to map out a potential (or past) run to determine all the pertinent statistics.  I also found that the Gmaps pedometer was a tad more accurate, but Map My Run allows you to search other people’s runs in your area which is a great way to mix things up.
  • Bay Area Hiker For those of you in Northern California, this is a great hiking resource.  The creators of this site list hundreds of great hikes all over the bay area, and include pictures, reviews, distance statistics and more for each hike.  My hubby and I have found all of our favorite hikes in the area using this site, including the very popular Big Basin Waterfall Loop.  Towering redwoods, ladybug enclaves, banana slugs, and a trickling creek are just some of the many reasons why I love Big Basin.
  • Yoga Download Sick of doing the same ole yoga DVD at home?  Never make it to your yoga studio after a long day of work?  This website has a lot of free yoga videos with different objectives (core, relaxation, power, etc).  Even better, I download a couple of their podcasts to my iPod for vacations and take them to-go.
  • Abs Challenge My hubby started doing the challenge at this site as a way to mix up his workout (he was experiencing a workout boredom plateau).  For fun, I followed my hubby around at the gym yesterday and aped his workout.  It was surprisingly one of those perfect workouts – it felt easy and short, but I woke up this morning with a lot of great soreness all over.  The creator adds a new video for each week with an interval-based strength workout.
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