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Bikram and Fro-Yo

February 25, 2009

Cobra PoseI have finally started going to yoga again!  Ever since I moved from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, I was merely doing 20-40 minutes of yoga per week practicing at home.  In other words, I would do 15 minutes and then inevitably get distracted by the laundry, a cat or twitter, and yoga would be over for the day.

My new weekly commitment is a Tuesday night Bikram yoga at Yoga Source.  Its hot, its hard, its crowded and I love it.  For a heated studio it smells surprisingly good – more like essential oils and less like sweat.  The instructor gives quick back rubs/stretches in between poses.  Generally a great place.

Why do I do yoga?  Most importantly, it helps keep me injury free.  I have a psoas or piriformas injury (depending on which doc you want to ask) that is not a big fan of running or sitting at a computer all day long.  Yoga helps strengthen and stretch the little muscles around that area, which otherwise are neglected by my weight training, elliptical, running and cycling – all of which are done facing straight-ahead.  Besides that, I find it relaxes and de-stresses my mind and body.  Finally, its great strength training!  It had been 9 months since I had done Bikram, and after my first day back (mostly thanks to warrior 2), my quads were killing me.  And this comes from someone who can legpress multiple sets of 180lbs without breaking a sweat.

The best part about my new studio?  It is just around the corner from the best fro-yo in the bay area: Fraiche Yogurt!   Its like Pinkberry but better because its all natural, all organic, and not laden with chemicals.   So after sweating buckets for an hour and a half, I can cool off with with live bacteria, antioxidants and chocolate shavings.

In order to get myself to go to yoga, I have to picture how much I enjoy leaving yoga.

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