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Is it really that simple?

February 21, 2009

In the editor’s note of this month’s Real Simple, the editor discussed her new “quasi-dysfunctional relationship with money and spending” due to the economy and WOW can I relate. On the one hand you think, this is a time I should be pinching my pennies, you know, just in case that nasty “L” word were to take place at my firm like the many other firms in the valley. But on the other hand, everything is on sale at ridiculous prices. I would be a fool not to take advantage of these sales. The editor recounted a recent experience:

I walk past Saks Fifth Avenue, where I hear they are selling Wolford tights for something like $20! How can I pass that up? And then I think: I will pass it up because I already have about five pairs of black tights in my sock drawer. They are not Wolford tights, and some of them are now closer to gray then black, but I am demonstrating to myself and to the world that I know how to economize. But then I think: When Wolford tights are back up to $60, I will most certainly regret not buying them at $20.

I have gone through that same battle many times in the last couple months.  Wow – that is 50% off, I would be stupid not to buy it.  I should try to save money though so we can put extra money towards the principal on our loan as hoped.  The little devil on my shoulder tells me: You would save so much money if you buy it now! The little angel retorts, you would save even more money by just not buying anything.

That being said, I am off to a night of spoiling my husband rotten with all the best luxuries – hey I got a great deal on everything!

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