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A Feast For My King

February 20, 2009

I don’t eat poultry (or any other non-swimming animal for that matter).  Regardless, my hubby and others have said that my whole birds are tender, juicy, flavorful and for a lack of better words, divine — but I will have to take their word for it (perhaps they are just being kind).  This week I surprised my hubby with a roasted organic chicken based on a Jacques Pépin recipe in a recent issue of Food and Wine.

Pepin Roasted Chicken

The technique calls for “flattening” the bird prior to cooking and putting cuts at the main joints in order to decrease the cooking time without decreasing the taste/moisture.   You start by removing the backbone, flipping, flattening, and then deep cuts between breast and wings, and thighs and legs.  Then the bird is slathered with mustard, garlic, white wine, olive oil and herbs.   Voila!  I found that the cooking time needed to be longer (and I know my oven is perfectly calibrated right now) so plan accordingly.  I also found that my meat thermometer is broken, which makes judging “doneness” difficult without causing the juices to run prematurely.

Speaking of Jacques Pépin, did anyone else watch Top Chef last week when he was a guest judge?  I swoon.

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