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Heidiesq c’est arrive!

February 5, 2009

Well I am at it again.  This is not my first blog, but this one will be different (… I know, that’s what they all say!).  But it will be different for me.   Instead of focusing on one subject, I will allow myself to post on whatever I fancy, be it the law, economic freedom, technology, wine, tea, a healthy mind, cycling, skiing, science-fiction or just good food.  A Silicon Valley transplant and a California native, I am truly a product of my environment.

Previously I had a successful blog called Greens and Grains, which was dedicated to eating for a healthy body and a healthy mind, with a focus on whole and colorful food with bold flavors.  I also had a wine tasting blog focusing on wine education and enhancing the palate that I never really finished getting off the ground.  I found the blogs limiting and I quickly grew tired of them.  I have a thirst for learning new things, and with that comes the flaw of routinely refocusing my passions.   While my interests might ebb and flow, the drive has at least created a well-rounded person who is always willing to try something new.  I likely will borrow some content from past blogs (so I can retire them free of regret) in the beginning, but for the most part this blog will truly reflect my varied interests and my never-ending educational journey.


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